IOTA metrics (beta)

Inputs *

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Output **

Last 60 minutes

Tx count
Ctx count
Confimed value bundles
Volume total approx

Last 10 minutes

Tx count
Ctx count
Confimed value bundles
Volume total approx


Instance version
Instance started
TX buffer size
SN buffer size
Bundle buffer size
TX quorum
SN quorum
LMI quorum
Memory allocated
Num. goroutines

Senders ***

* Inputs
Tanglebeat is listening to several ZMQ input streams from IRI nodes. Healthy input sources (green)
contribute to the output stream of messages according to some algorithm (see below).
This way output stream is filtered from invalid and obsolete messages.
It is used for metrics calculations.

** Output
Tanglebeat produces output stream which is used to calculate metrics.
Output stream of messages includes (once) only :
- those transactions (tx) messages which were received from at least two different inputs
- those confirmation messages (sn) with the milestone index equal or larger than the largest one seen

This way neither invalid transactions (not propagated by nodes) nor obsolete confirmations
are not included into the output stream and therefore are not included into TPS and CTPS calculation.
Output stream is available as Nanomsg stream for external consumption (beta).

*** Senders
To calculate TfPH Transfers Per Hour, Average confirmation time and other metrics Tanglebeat is actively sending transactions to the Tangle and collecting data for statistics.
Number of senders (or sequences>) are sending whole balance of the current address to the address with the next index of the same seed in the endless loop.
Each bundle is promoted and reattached if necessary until confirmed. Than the transfer is repeated with the next address and so on.
Senders are run in distributed configuration on several servers.
Tanglebeat collects data from them all and uses to calculate metrics.