Traveling IOTA
IOTA value transfer confirmation time statistics

Data is in space-delimited text file format. All timestamps are Unix timestamps in miliseconds.

Transfer confirmation data (download)

Updated once per 30 min. Contains data of confirmed value transfers collected by sender:

  • start of the transfer (attachment_timestamp of the first transaction)
  • when transfer was confirmed (as detected by confirmer)
  • number of (re)attachments it took to confirm the transfer, including the first one. Sender reattaches bundle every ~10-30 minutes depending on the sequence until confirmed.
  • number of promotion transactions it took to confirm the transfer. Since June 21, 2018 promotions were disabled.
  • depth of (re)attachments
  • depth of promotions or 0 if none

TPS/CTPS historical data (download)

Updated once per 10 minutes. Contains data collected from Zero MQ stream every 10 seconds.
Each line contains data belonging to the interval [interval start, interval start + interval length):
File contains:

  • interval start
  • interval length in miliseconds (usually 10000 = 10 sec)
  • number of transactions with timestamp in the interval (tx messages)
  • number of confirmed transactions received from Zero MQ in the interval (sn messages)
  • number of milestones (lmi messages)
  • number of solid subtangle milestones (lmsi messages)