Traveling IOTA
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Whole balance of the current IOTA address is endlessly being transferred to the next one in a sequence.
The sequence of addresses is calculated deterministically and so is known in advance.
This way iotas are traveling non-stop in Tangle's address space (and spamming it).

Several sequences are run in parallel. They are named A, B etc. For each sequence server
reattaches the bundle once per 10 to 30 minutes, depending in sequences' settings
until it gets confirmed.

(since June 21, 2018 promotion was disabled after tipsel change in IRI 1.5.0.
Promotions became problematic due to subgraph and there're good chances we won't need it anyway

Statistics about transfer confirmation time, TPS, CTPS are collected in the process.
Data of all sequences are included into the statistics. It can be used as Tangle metrics.
It is displayed here along with TPS/CTPS data and a fragment of selected address sequence.

You are welcome to donate some iotas by sending them to one of future addresses in any sequence.
This way your iotas will join the journey :)

I'd be happy if you donate more than few of them, then please use
project's donation address from Traveling IOTA's page in IOTA Ecosystem site

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Version: 2.2.5a timeouts added to IRI calls. Commit hash: 67cb7e1. IRI version: 1.5.0