Traveling IOTA
IOTA value transfer confirmation time statistics 3
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Transfers per hour (TfPH):
Transfer time:
realistic transfer
confirmation time
Statistics over selected interval:
Total #
of transfers

Sender # Address Balance State Transfer
to confirm
# (re)
Proof of Work last 10 minutes
PoW service
# of calls
Avg PoW duration
miliseconds per tx
A, B, C

About Traveling IOTA

Whole balance of the current IOTA address is endlessly being transferred to the next one in a sequence.
The sequence of addresses is calculated deterministically and so is known in advance.
This way iotas are traveling non-stop in Tangle's address space (and spamming it with value transactions).

Each sequence is run by separate sender process. One can think of a sender being a wallet user.
Sequences are named by letters A, B etc.
Each sender promotes the bundle if it is consistent and reattaches it otherwise in a loop until it gets confirmed.

Statistics about transfer confirmation time are collected in the process. Data of all sequences are included into the statistics.
Several parameters can be seen in the chart (switch between chart modes to see all).

Parameter TfPH or transfers per hour shows how fast average wallet (sender) might be in sending iotas.
It is equal to total number of confirmations, completed by all senders during last 1 hour divided by number of senders.
TfPH is average speed of IOTA network as perceived by marginal wallet user.

The bigger, the better.
Stability of TfPH means that anyone sending iotas or confirming data transactions can count on this speed.
Consequently each additional sender marginally adds to the overall throughput of the tangle (measured by TPS and CTPS):

Expected realistic transfer confirmation time is assumed to be between
lower and higher quartiles of all completed transfers during last hour.
So, if condition in the tangle won't change significantly, there're big chances your iota transfer will be in the range or even faster.

You are welcome to donate some iotas by sending them to one of future addresses in any sequence.
This way your iotas will join the journey :)

I'd be happy if you donate more than few of them, then please use
project's donation address from Traveling IOTA's page in IOTA Ecosystem site

For more info please visit GitHub repository.

Version: 3.1. Commit hash: ab28ea7. IRI version: 1.6.0-RELEASE